Short Comical Anecdotes

I’m posting some short anecdotes that I post just for fun on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  Follow me there for these updates:

Think I need a digital time out: Between all these messages: online job search, online dating, blogging and tweeting, I am digitally burned out. Flipping between web browsers, accidentally, just sent a recruiter a message that he had cute bangs and then copy pasted my Linkedin profile to a French girl on I think now is a good time to go for a jog!

Facebook birthday wishes: Wouldn’t it be great if there was also an offline version of the Facebook b-day greetings flash mob- where when you walk out of your house in the morning, on your way to the subway, everyone gives you a synchronized kiss, high-five and slap on the ass!

Different birthday location every year: Every year I spend my birthday in a new place, not on purpose but coincidentally: two years ago Mumbai, last year Athens, this year London, next year I have a feeling it will be in jail.

Starbucks name on the paper-cup gone wrong: Just in front of me at the Starbucks line forty-five year old, Mediterranean ethnic-look man, smartly-dressed, flipped the f#ck out when friendly barista asked him his name to write on his coffee-paper-cup: “Name, what name? Who’s name? Why you need name? What is this thing you people do with names? You pressure me to give you my name? I just want one-cup coffee to go! That’s it! No name! Just coffee. Name? Name! Name!” and he stormed out the door.

I never realized ordering a cappuccino could be that stressful. For my Starbucks name I usually say Michael, just because I don’t want to go into a lengthy chat about how to spell S-p-y-r-o-s, and that the last –s is silent, and I’m named after a Byzantine Saint from the island of Kerkyra, etc. But this guy was inexcusable. He might be looking down over the London Bridge right now yelling, “Name, name, name! Why they want my name! I just wanted a cappuccino” – Bloop!

Subway commuting serendipitous discovery, wet-to-dry umbrella: This morning I placed my soaked umbrella under my seat on the London Tube and twenty minutes later when I picked it up again, it was warm and toasty! I peered down and expecting to see a little dwarf with a hairdryer, I noticed there are heating vents right below the seats.  Tomorrow morning I will also bring two clothespins and hang my socks up for a warmer-upper before I get off at Leicester Square!

Gentleman’s Club Oxymoron: Isn’t it ironic that the nightlife industry calls strip-clubs gentlemen’s clubs? It’s like the equivalent of calling a smoker’s lounge at the airport the ‘alpine fresh-air lounge.’  I am curious to investigate what was the incident- on what date and in which city, where the meaning of gentleman transformed from ‘a dashing figure, courteous to women and polite to strangers’ into a guy that orders red bull-vodkas at 2AM while howling at naked, foreign girls on platform heels spinning on poles!  Also, it seems that most ‘gentlemen’ in London, NYC and cities around the world tend to be congregated near five-star hotels, diplomatic buildings and finance towers.

Mate-to-Man, Adjusting to London slang: After little more than two months in London, naturally switched over to using “mate” instead of “man.” Quite a big step in my cultural immersion here.

Athens Metro vs London Tube: Mobile Signals: Besides the stunning, warm Attic sunshine and delicious bakeries on every street-corner, there is one more cutting edge-factor that Athens has and London does not: cell phone signal in the subway!